Sunday, June 9, 2013

Magical (i.e. Drunken) River Tour

Every year we go to the Elk River, load up in a plastic boat and drink until we are blind drunk,passed out, or in need of medical attention. These are the privileges of adulthood, boys and girls. This year we had an iphone with a water proof Lifeproof case on it and were able to grad some great pics and some okay videos. Well, one video is flat out awesome and I thought for sure someone was going to die.  All in all it was a long, hilarious, exhausting day. Somehow I think I am the only person on the boat that didn't get burned and I have no idea how that happened. I'm just gonna call it a river trip miracle and leave it at that. So, enjoy the pictures. It's hard to really express the level of drunken fun we had yesterday. 

-Nerdy Goth

Interesting things to see on the river:

Dad of the year: "here let me swim you down the river"
WHAT?! Cool hat award went to this guy!

These guys did flips and shit off that tree! Its a video of them  that we caught!
This guy got runner up int he hat department

And then there was this! We made a stop and found the party raft. Where was all that loud ass awesome music coming from on the river? From a water cooler sound system. Not completely water proof but water tight enough to survive splashes while in the river. Of course, we talked to the dude (known only as DJ Hoops) who made it and of course we want one for next year. I'd happily $300-$400 for something like that.

The Three Amigas!
Minions make good pillows
"Take a pic! I look fantastic!" -Minion

Minion is head of the Athletic Dept @ NGSW because there is no way in hell I am doing that shit!

With his pretty hat & his wine....
I think this was right before Minion went all spider monkey on him

And this was after... LOL
And people wonder why I am so weird? Hello?! This is pretty tame...