Sunday, January 9, 2011

STRIP: Germaphobe pt3

Waiting patiently for snow today.  I know that I will spend the entire day at work looking out the door watching for the first flakes to fall.  I also have the suspicion that I will come home disappointed.  Snow is already threatening the region where my mother lives....South of me.  I am watching the weather channel for any sign that the snow will hit us at some point today...the way they have been promising.  My previous opinion of weather reporters is that they couldn't report accurate weather to save their souls from eternal damnation.  The failed delivery of promised snow sometime today/tonight will only help resurface this negative image. 

I WANT TO THROW SOME FREAKIN' SNOWBALLS!!  That's all.  Seriously, I will spend about five minutes actually playing in the snow and the rest of the day looking for reasons to drive in it and stare at it as it falls.  The point being I can't do any of those things if the weather reporters screw me over and deny me my snow.

Alabama is going to have an interesting day though.  Lucky bastards.

Now that I have bitched and moaned about my desire for snow and the cat has begun to head butt my elbow for not paying attention to her, I am going to go finish getting ready for work.  Have a great Sunday!  Send me snow pictures if you have them and I will make a post out of them!

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