Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Logo!

I've been spending this week trying to make some extra money by working a data entry monster project for a friend who travels too much to do it himself. So, the cartoon has been put on the back burner for a short time. I have a second installment of Taco Run formatted in my head and just need to get it onto paper.  Also, I made a friend this week in Cardiff.  Yes, that Cardiff. The one across the big body of water where they film a LOT of Doctor Who. Peachy (that's his name) did me a solid and made up a new logo for the website (so I could stop using the one made by the ex).

One of the things I have learned about Peachy is he makes 8-bit music.  You know the stuff. The catchy ear worms that your old school video games were sound tracked to? The music that you can identify within the first three notes because it's just that memorable and, dammit, good? That catchy tune from tetris that gets in your head and NEVER LEAVES?! Yeah. He makes that kind of music! And, having listened to some of it, I am a fan. So, in the essence of paying it forward, I suggest you go to Sound Cloud and check out his stuff! He has original work hiding somewhere but I think all the sound cloud page has are the "crowd pleasers" as he calls them.

I swear I will be back to the sketch pad next week. This data entry project is nearly done with and mama needs the scratch. Let me know what you think of the logo and Peachy's tunes!  Thanks, guys!

-Nerdy Goth

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