Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love this show. I hate the commentator's lame ass scripted quips. But I love this show. So does Spook. He might never admit it to anyone outside this house, but he does. We were grossly disappointed in the second round elimination of out favorite vegan baker, Chloe, yesterday.

What are you doing to do? *shrug*

What we did was watch the annoying baker who looked like a heroin addict win the competition. Which, sadly, was better than the chick with the dead doll eyes.

Spook also has a mad love for the original "Iron Chef" as well.

Yeah, I know...we watch too many food shows. I think, for me at least, it is something akin to watching figure skaters. I know I cannot ever perform a triple lutz but I appreciate the talents of those that can. I cannot cook a souffle (and probably would never eat one), but I appreciate the talents of those that can (and would).


  1. Original Iron Chef is the best <3 I love Cooking Channel for airing all those old episodes so I can DVR them!

  2. I'm super addicted to food porn. Giada is my fantasy wife...well, I guess Nigella is too. It's a toss up, really. If I'm being honest I'd trade both of them for Ina;D. Cupcake Wars stresses me out more than it should so I tend not to watch it. I can't pass up Challenge, though....especially the chocolate challenges.