Sunday, January 16, 2011

STRIP: Germaphobe pt5

Well, last night was fun. A combination of things yesterday led to the later than usual posting of today's strip.

1) Procrastination: guilty as charged and not ashamed. The occasional lapse is bound to occur. We all do it. Some of us with the dishes. Some with the laundry. But it happens to us all at one point or another.

2) Just too much crap to do over the last few days. Between a birthday party for Baby Bat on Friday and a Praxis II test at o'dark thirty on Saturday morning, I was a little busy over the last few days.

3) I got bartered away for an iPhone. Yes, ladies and gentleman, an iPhone. Our friend bribed HM into letting her take me out to Neo Victorian last night by offering to buy his iPhone four days sooner than he would have been able to tdo himself. It took him the time it took to type DEAL for him to consider and accept the bribe.

I am not sure whether I feel disposable or like he just trusts me to not care once I have gotten some karaoke in me.

Granted, that karaoke theory would have been a solid one so we will go with that. It took me all morning, but here it is! The wrap up of Spook's unfortunate viral infection. Enjoy!

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