Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AMC's The Walking Dead Renewed for Second Season!!

As a HUGE fan of the comics and graphic novels that this show is based on, I am thrilled to see this! So far the creators have done great justice to the fantastic work of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Here is a brief note for those that might not be aware of the content. "The Walking Dead" is based in a world where the dreaded zombie apocalypse has come to pass. Instead of recounting the harrowing events just after the outbreak or things like that, this set of books follows the lives of the survivors months after the out break. How do you begin to rebuild/survive/LIVE in this new world? Everyday things are still being addressed. Relationships are built, children are born and still need to be raised, and "home" is still where the heart is. The show is now striving to deliver 2D imagery to a television format and so far so good!

Congrats to the show for a grand beginning and here's to more seasons to come!!


  1. we are liking this, I will not watch it at the dinner table as Debbie wanted to do. nor after dark. That's what the DVR is for, Tommy

  2. LOL. You picked the perfect pic for the post. Ax to the head.