Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weird Weather?

Quite some time ago I gave up watching news shows; local or otherwise. I stopped reading newspapers (unless it was the classifieds or the funnies). I just couldn't handle the overwhelming negativity that came off the pages or screen. Murder and robbery and destruction and human atrocities that served no other purpose but to depress me. I understood that it meant living under a proverbial rock. I was okay with that.

Over the last year or so I found a new means of connecting with the wider world. The Weather Channel was my constant companion in my last year of college. I had opted to finish up via online classes and thusly spent all day at home plugged into my computer or text books. I didn't want to sit in silence or become distracted by something too entertaining. My options became limited and I found the weather channel. Chatty and informative, but no engrossing storyline to draw the mind away from important tasks at hand.

It started innocently enough. Turn it on in the morning to find out what I needed to wear or dress the children in. Very quickly, this evolved into leaving the television on that channel for the entirety of the morning. I realized through a bit of osmosis that there were actual news stories being aired on the station. Things about the president or business news or some interesting current affairs stuff as well as feel good stories from around the world. THIS was news I could handle. THIS was news that didn't make me want to cut myself or something equally as Emo.

So, now it is the only channel that I get my news from.

Aside from the news, I do, in fact, keep a close eye on the weather. It has become a wee bit of an obsession thanks to more than a year of faithful watching. And that brings me back to what I intended to write about this morning. It IS November isn't it? I didn't miss a memo somewhere? So, why is it going to be 70 degrees today? Should I not be wearing a jacket everyday by now? Maybe....maybe even my winter coat?! Seems that Mother Nature is having some sort of menopausal warm snap. Unfortunately, it is reeking habit on the health of my entire household. Allergies are flaring and kleenexes are flying like confetti. Fall needs to get its act together because Winter is waiting in the wings. None too patiently either. We already have snow spattering around various parts of the country!

So, where do you get your news from? Is it depressing to anyone else? And what is the weather like wherever you are on the brink of Thanksgiving?

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