Monday, November 8, 2010

Twice as Nice; Half as Worth It

This review will be much like the game.  Eloquent, but brief…very very brief.  The Force Unleashed 2 was a very pretty piece of fan service with emphasis on the “very pretty”. Starkiller returned in The Force Unleashed 2 to continue being a huge pain in Vader’s backside. The mysterious Starkiller is granted some very nice pumped up Force powers and wields two, count ‘em TWO, lightsabers. Of all the new tricks her learned, watching a Storm Trooper turn on his comrades is one of the funniest. The graphics were just as lovely, if not more so, than the first game (a hard trick to manage). And the continuation on storyline was smooth as glass. For all these strong pros, there is the one serious con to the game. It was extremely short in the terms of game play. We played and finished the game in just under five hours from the time it was rented. From a game that was hyped so much by the creators, we expected something with a little more meat on its bones. Five hours of game play simply does not justify a purchasing price tag of nearly $60. For such a short amount of game play, one thinks DLC available on Xbox Live for maybe $15. Our advice to potential players is to split the cost of renting this game with a friend. You play it one day and let them play it the second day.  Who knows, you might even get an early return bonus if you do it just right.

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