Wednesday, March 2, 2011

STRIP: Achievement Hunter...or Achievement PREY?

Okay, see that up there? Yeah...that has been HM or the last week or so. He is so damn determined to defeat this achievement on Halo Reach that it has taken over his entire reason for existing.

Okay. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it isn't that far off.

He saw this achievement video on Achievement Hunter and once failure was put before him, he has been dedicated to proving himself via this one achievement.

I swear, it's as though he cannot believe himself a capable gamer if he cannot gain this cheevo.

I think it may have insulted his mother.

THAT is the level of dedication....shit. He is at it AGAIN!!! These are those moments when I am glad I have a day job.

Bless him, though, for figuring out how to play real music over the game audio. I was sick to death of hearing Carter tell us to get to Pillar of Autumn over and over and over again.

Wish him luck folks. This could take a while.

p.s. Don't forget to check out the store!!

HOLY SHIT! Ladies and Gentlemen, HE DID IT!! As I sat here typing this post, he finally got that damn achievement, "If they came to hear me beg"!!

Leave some props for a cheeve well earned and I am going to go get ready for the aforementioned day job.

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