Sunday, February 27, 2011

STRIP: The Sweet Sweet Siren Song of Girl Scout Cookies

Yeah...that was me about three days ago. Surrendering to the siren song of sweet tasty cookie awesomeness. Two boxes of Tag-A-Longs didn't make it 48 hours.

Not my proudest moment.

Not my worst but certainly not my best.

Aside from that, some big things happening for Nerdy Goth Says What? this week. If you check out the link bar towards the top of the page you will see a link about a store front. That will take you HERE. This is where you can buy your NGSW? swag. We will be continuing to add items to the store as we can. Waiting to hear back on my messenger bag design. Right now, you can find Battie's signature "Got Bats?" shirt and the Portal 2 strip on some shirts as well.

Our store is powered by Spreadshirt, which I can tell from experience makes an excellent product. I made the ORIGINAL "When asking nicely doesn't work..." shirt there almost 6 years ago and it is still looking great. So, please, show your support and help us keep building and improving on our site and the strip by purchasing a little something from the shop!

Sorry for the late post. We were detained at a birthday in a skating rink. There was pain. There was laughter. There was free wi-fi. But, we still managed topost in a timely manner. Enjoy and see you Wednesday!

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