Wednesday, February 2, 2011

STRIP: Genetics PWN

This is another one of those true stories that I couldn't make up. I check my phone Monday afternoon on break and there is a missed phone call from the school nurse. My some, graceful and observant creature that he is, walked right smack into a pole at school. He is still sporting the knot and the bruise from this misadventure.

The title for this strip comes not only from MY affliction when it comes to wounding my self, but the fact that it seems to be a family trait. My sweet beloved mother passed the curse to me and I passed it onto my eldest in kind.

Now, since I don't do a lot of actually running (bad knees...what I wind up doing is more of an ungainly loping, I tend to have less injuries from running into things. I do have a long and colorful history of walking into things. The bathroom door while texting. A plate glass display window at the mall...also while texting. Any manner of inanimate objects that did not actually jump out and attack me regardless of my arguments at the time. I am constantly discovering bruises without having the slightest idea where I got them.

My favorite story from my mother's childhood is so reminiscent of what happened to Baby Bat that I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes when I listened to the message from the school nurse.

In elementary school, during a rousing game of gymnasium dodge ball, my mom decides to is NOT going to get hit. She runs like hell is on her ass across the gymnasium and makes it all the way to the other side....with her EYES CLOSED.

She didn't stop running so much as the wall ceased her forward momentum suddenly and without her advance knowledge.

Much like the pole did to Baby Bat.

Seems to me that while some things are great hand me downs, like blankets and furniture. Some things are just cruel jokes of genetics.

On another note, hope everyone is enjoying Snowpocalypse 2011 in the Midwest and Northeast! Stay warm. Stay safe. Send me cool snow pics if you have any!! If I can get some really cool snow sculpture pics, I will post a blog of them!

See?! True Story!

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  1. Walking and driving while intexticated is not recommended!