Wednesday, December 29, 2010

STRIP: Survival Basics

So I woke up this morning and it took me nearly thirty minutes to realize that it is in fact Wednesday. Time for the midweek strip posting!! In two days, we will all be wrapping up one year and shuffling in a new one. It has been an decidedly long year for me, but I can't say that it has been a bad one. I graduated from college, got out of an unhappy/unhealthy relationship, and got INTO a happy AND healthy relationship. I adopted my baby kitteh, Lexi Belle, from what was shortly to be her doom at the pound. I have been presented with a whole new goodie bag of parental challenges in the form of Apergers Syndrome and I feel really confident about our ability to handle them with grace. I have struggled to stay on my set career path of becoming a teacher with successful forward momentum. And I have found an all new creative path in the form of this webcomic. I know that it has been a joy for me to create these little gems and I hope that they continue to be a source of amusement to everyone that reads them. I also hope that I can spread more of that amusement out into the world. I can honestly say that being able to bring even the slightest bit of joy into the world is a pretty awe inspiring feeling. Somebody somewhere some when said "Laughter is the best medicine". Does that make me a doctor since I love to make people laugh?

So, hope everyone has a GREAT New Year's Eve and we will see you on the flip side!