Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Traveling Trials and Tribulations

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. Some people will be off work/school tomorrow. Some Thursday through the weekend. Some might even be off all week. A lot of people are packing and preparing for trips across the state or across the country despite the cost or the chance of the unsolicited advances of TSA officers. For the Nerdy Goth household, this means that the children are already visiting the grandparents and we (HM and myself) will be driving down tomorrow to join them. It is a 4 and a half hour drive over the river and through the woods (literally) to my parents' home.

Now everyone has their travel game plan that they employ when going out of town. And each game plan has modifications ready to go depending on the circumstances of the trip; destination, length of stay, time of year, etc. etc. Not wanting to spend several days away from home unprepared, I have spent the last few days thinking of what to pack. And, I mean, I have lost sleep trying to cover all my bases. When I pack for any trip more than a night, I don't just plan clothes and toiletries either. I have OCD and like to be prepared for all possibilities.

Certain questions have to be answered before packing can really commence, too. How nice do I want to dress for the actual Turkey Gathering? How cold is it going to be in the newly refurbished camper the parental units set up for us? Are we going to leave the house for any reasons or just stay home the whole time? For example, on this particulare trip we may or may not go out with my sister for drinks one night. THAT means at least one outfit has to be planned that will work at a redneck bar as opposed to everyday gear. Gotta remember to take my own pillow. THAT is essential! The pillow in a foreign bed is NEVER as good as your own. Hanging out at Mom's might get dull so we are going to toss the Xbox in the suitcase (BIG suitcase). Since work never really cease, I have to make sure all inked sketches are scanned into the computer and ready to be put together in final form. And since we are talking about electronics, must make sure to remember all the necessary cords and cables to make sure things stay charged and operational. The list really does go on and on.

As you can tell, traveling with me is very much akin to packing up a circus. Traveling with me AND the midgets is about 20 times worse! That being said, we won't be unprepared or bored while we are away from the safety and security of our domicile. The food is sure to be tasty and fulling. There are the visits with friends to look forward to, as well. Overall, regardless of what might or might not get forgotten, it promises to be a great holiday weekend. The strip will still go up tomorrow so be on the look out for it!

Now I am curious. How do YOU plan on spending the holidays? And what is your take on the choice between being with loved ones and staying home to avoid the cost of traveling? Well, however you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving, remember to be safe, be thankful, and we here at Nerdy Goth Says What? hope you all have a great holiday weekend!


  1. I'm going to spend my holiday Not Telling the In-Laws about the kids' current condition, or else we'll all be eating in the van. :P