Monday, November 22, 2010

Happiness is a Successful Assassination PART 2

As promised, an addendum to my previous post about ACB now that we have finished the game.  I will do my very best not to accidentally let any spoilers slip.  Aside from what we previously talked about, there were even MORE fantastic additions to the game play. Now, think back to the trailers.  The trailers for this game left you with the impression that you will have more assassins to have your back at some point during the game.  One of the most fun additions to the game is the challenge of rebuilding the brotherhood of assassins (thus the name). You recruit them, send them out on missions throughout Europe, and level them up to the final height of Assassino.  Then they perform their very own "Leap of Faith" and become full fledged members of the brotherhood.  Throughout their training and after, Ezio is able to call upon his recruits for assistance if things get too heavy or if anonymity is essential. 

This new addition is not only tied to the console game, by the way.  Remember I mentioned Ubisoft's new doodad of uPlay?  Well, you can attach your Facebook page to your uPlay account and level your recruits through a Facebook application!  Power leveling takes a whole new spin with this application. 

Another value enhancing aspect of this new game is the "full synchronization" challenges.  Every memory sequence has a little challenge that will allow you to get 100% synchronization; including timed challenges and detection challenges. If you are the perfectionist type, the ability to go back and replay a certain memory in order to finally put down the game knowing that you got 100% synchronization on all your memories adds even more value to purchasing this game. 

Take all these new aspects that Ubisoft has added to an already successful game franchise and what you get is a game that is more than worth paying the money to purchase rather than rent it.  It has taken us nearly a week of long game play days to finish the game and we did that without 100% synchronization.  The online multi player mode, the animus training challenges, the collection challenges, and the full sync challenges make the replay value and purchase value well worth the cost.

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