Friday, November 5, 2010

Etsy of the Week: Custom Cranium

Custom Cranium is the Etsy store of my beautiful friend, Darien, and home to her adorable stuffed animal line known as Snuff Stuffies. Now, as blog title suggests, I am both a nerd AND a Goth. So, Darien's creative creations using animal bones and stuffed animals speak volumes to the little girl goth skipping around inside me. Located in Oklahoma, Darien is a frequent vendor at various conventions and events. She gets her organic materials from donations, in the wild, and from the euthanized remains of forgotten shelter animals. Animals that had no forever home in their living days are able to find one through Darien's heartfelt creations. Every Snuff Stuffie has its own story and personality making them even more lovable and endearing. Below is a picture of Morridwyn,a messenger/hip/side bag, with a fully adjustable strap. According to her creator, "Morridwyn is very protective of your belongings and will guard them diligently. She also expands to three times her empty size, there's plenty of room in her pouch."

A Note from the creator: "ALL of my products are made artfully and carefully. The stuffed animals are dry-cleaned before use, and untagged/unknown stuffing is replaced with hypoallergenic stuffing. Everything remade is hand-stitched with nylon ripstop military-grade thread, and the skulls are anchored on the body by stitches before they are finally bonded to the bodies. There are no glue lines or sloppy seams. These are meant to last."

Snuff Stuffies aren't the only beautiful things that Darien makes and sells through her shop and vendor tables. She recently started a line of "Murder Weapon" jewelery. These pieces are all hand forged from sterling silver with bone handles. Tiny little blades available in a style of your choosing with many many styles to choose from.

Not currently displayed in the Etsy store are some of Darien's other creative endeavors. I personally own several handcrafted silver and stone jewelry pieces. She also crafts miniature coffins for storage and pin cushions as well as other handcrafted creations available at her vendor table. You can follow her on Facebook at Custom Cranium which also has a link to the Etsy store.

I hope everyone with a sense of humor and a love of whimsy will go visit Custom Cranium and show support for a wonderfully talented individual!

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