Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strip #42: GIGO*

In case you are too young or just missed out on it, GIGO was one of the oldest forms of tech speak. It stands for Garbage In Garbage Out. The newcomers to the front would be things like ASL, XP, Dots, DPS, DLC, and NSFW. These useful little acronyms have ushered in an entire generation too lazy or too cool to type out complete words. Texting and Twitter are the greatest enablers of this language idiocy. But I digress.

Again, TRUE FREAKING STORY! On the way home from BFE (HA there's another one for you) Arkansas, there he was! Little ginger kid sitting on the side the road down the hill from a house. He looked decidedly not happy about something and, me being me, this led to a conversation quite similar to the one chronicled above.

I know.

I have issues.

Lots of them.

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