Sunday, March 20, 2011

STRIP #40: There's a cursed item in your inventory

Well we figured we had introduced all the other members of our little family so it was high time we got around to introducing the third child, Lexi Belle. She is our animal shelter adoption kitty and she will be two years old in May.

Yes, she is a spaz and likes to attack my head.

And, yes, Deadly Premonition is just awful enough to spawn some sort of demon/curse from its very case. We are troopers when it comes to games and if we rent it we will at least tough it out to the end because we spent the money on it. We slogged through Silent Hill: Shattered Dreams and that was definitely a low point in that particular franchise. But Deadly Premonition?

Hell no. We had to stop playing that piece of garbage for six hours and got exactly nowhere in the story and managed achievment. Just trust me on this and don't attempt to find out for yourselves. Alright, it's been a long weekend celebrating St. Patty's and our friend's birthday all in one night. So I am going to bed early! LATER!

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