Saturday, November 6, 2010

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails....

Boys....they are dirty and rowdy and rambunctious.

Well....I know MINE are at the very least! I have never figured out HOW IN THE WORLD Niko comes home so frickin' filthy every day from kindergarten or how Aaron can get food into some of the farther quadrants of his face. I only know that they somehow do. And I wouldn't have them any other way.

We were in Dallas, TX, having some special tests run and I remember shedding a few tears that day. There, in Baylor University Medical Center, we found out that Aaron (my younger son) was going to be a boy rather than a girl. Since I already had a boy and I knew that Aaron would be my last child, I had kind of wanted a girl to round out the set, so to speak. So yes, I got a little misty eyed.

Then, I remembered some key points.

1) BABY girls turn into TEENAGE girls.

2) I have SEVEN nephews and two nieces....I was in no way prepared for a daughter.

3) If it is true that you get back 3x as bad as you gave, well then I was BONED if I had a daughter!

I am not too proud to admit that I was, in fact, a tiny little terror as a child...and as a preteen....and a good chunk of my teens. Admitting ones shortcomings is important to personal progress. Besides, I have already apologized on more than one occasion to my my mother. Several several times.

That being said, there are some distinct advantages to having boy children. From the Nerdy Goth perspective that is. When the Zombie Apocalypse finally comes to pass, they are less likely to be "defenseless" and are already being groomed to carry their own bug out bags.

Boy children are far more likely to do yard work for (or without) incentive as they get older. They spend less time, in general, getting groomed for the day. Their toys are cooler. I can share my video games and comics with them. And its highly unlikely they will ever be raiding my closet and stealing my clothes or shoes. Their Cosplay options won't ever come off as slutty and I don't have to worry as much about unhealthy stalkers at cons.

My favorite part about having boy children is that I can pick them up and toss them around like sacks of potatoes. There comes a point when you can't really do that with most girls so much....if ever depending on the girl child. Not boys. Boys are always down to play in the dirt and rough house. My chore now is to get the little one to stop crying every time he takes a bump just to get his brother in trouble! *shakes head*

So, yeah, as a nerdy tomboy goth, I will take being mom to two boys over girls any day. I have plenty of "nieces" that I can get my "girly fixes" on should I require them!


  1. I totally play video games, read comics and prepare for zombies with my girls. They also roughhouse with boys. I would never call them tomboys. We paint our nails together, but hey boys can do that too. Down with gender roles and all that. Though sadly you do have a point on the cosplay/cons front. Alas.

  2. I agree that preset gender roles can be just as detrimental to development and that children should be allowed to follow their own drummer. I am thrilled that your girls are following such an awesome one! It would have been just my luck that if one of my children had been a girl, she would have been a princesses and pink tulle girl all the way! And those are the things that I am completely unrelated with! LOL

  3. You can fight zombies in pink princess tulle if you want :)
    My girls are pretty much as girly as they want to be at any given time. I'm just saying one does not negate the other.