Friday, November 26, 2010

Etsy of the Week: Rustic Goth

Rustic Goth is this week's Etsy shop. This wonderful little shop is home to "Whimsical Dark Art Paintings, Prints and Wearable Art".   This charming little shop can also be followed on their Facebook page. This shop owner is also a member of the Etsy Dark Side Team which and the EBSQ-Etsy Street Team. Such an active member of the creative community more than deserves to be showcased and, as a lover of her artwork, I am pleased to be in a position to do just that!

A word from the shop owner says it best: "These are the creations and characters that have helped me get through the darkest time in my life, losing my husband and best friend in the whole world. Thus many of my 'melancholy girls' are usually dressed in black and my 'creepers' often have their 'hearts' on their sleeves or in their hands. Creating art is what I is how I live... how I connect with the world that exists outside of my I connect with my own feelings. It is my hope that each work of art that I create, invoke a reaction, of some kind, in the viewer....and a special connection with it's owner."

Now, the description of paintings and prints is far from all encompassing when it comes to what the shop has to offer. Aside from beautiful paintings and prints, Rustic Goth offers bookmarks, art covers, mini prints, wearable art in the form of pendants and bracelets, calendars and Christmas ornaments.

In the spirit of the season, Rustic Goth will be having a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale! Go over and have a look around! You never know what you find. Share the page with your friends, too. Let's keep spreading the joy that is independent artists and artisans.

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