Friday, November 19, 2010

Etsy of the Week: Pocket Full of Posiez

 There are a lot of wonderful artist out there that use Etsy to showcase and sell their wares. Alas, this means that there are also a LOT of things on Etsy that I swoon over and cannot afford right now. This weekly blog post is dedicated to those artists that I have taken a fancy to despite an inability to purchase anything from them just yet.

This week is all about Queenie's Deadly Cute Pocket Full of Posiez! Based out of En Cino, California, Queenie's shop is full of decorative doodads including pins, purses, jewelry, decals, paintings, and MORE. All the items in her shop are original artwork and many of those items are decorated with the creepy but delightfully charming characters Queenie has created.

One of her many talents is that of a doll maker and Queenie has had her dolls featured in the February 2010 issue of DOLLS MAGAZINE and in an issue of Gothic Beauty Magazine as well. Her characters are whimsical Gothic doll girls ranging in personality from Panzy the Pirate to Frankendolly and even a Robotic version of one of her girls for those with a more Steampunk or Sci-fi inclination. Among all the adorably creepy characters you can find in her shop, my personal favorite is Delphinia (pictured in the painting to the right).

Right now in the shop you will have the pleasure of seeing the line of Holiday items available. There is a wide selection of ornaments and pins to celebrate the holidays in true Posiez style! I have a distinct love for the Ginger Bread Man pins and the Skull with Candy Cane crossbones pin. There are ornaments featuring each of the Posiez characters to decorate your tree with as well.

I think one of my favorite sections of the shop is the "Design Your Own Tote" section. Here, a customer can select the type of fabric and the cameo picture they want their tote to be made from. One day, I will be the proud owner of a Delhpinia tote. Until that day, I will continue to window shop and rack up the "Wish List". For the rest of you out there reading this, please go by. Have a look and find the little darling that makes you go "Awwww!" I am quite sure that there is one in there for everyone!

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