Friday, November 12, 2010

Etsy of the Week: Captain Benjamina's Savlage Emporium

This week's Etsy of the Week is Captain Benjamina's Salvage Emporium! Specializing in "Handcrafted Jewelry • Unique Accessories • Steampunk Munitions Salvage & Curiosities Galore", Captain Benjamina's is manned by Arkansas residents, Stephanie Weston, Master Gunnery Sgt. and Katrina Herbert, Master Supply Sgt. These two singular women are responsible for the many fantastic accessories, guns, and odds and ends that are displayed on the Etsy page. Below is one of the many beautiful pieces of hand crafted jewelry available from the Salvage Emporium.

Aside from the hand crafted and originally designed jewelry, the shop also offers the finest in handcrafted Steampunk munitions (i.e. ray guns). These are the ideal weapons for the discerning Air Pirate or Neo Victorian Rapscallion. What better way to gain the advantage over one's enemies or save the damsel in distress?

Some of the Emporium's most popular items are the goggles. Only one pair of goggles are currently on display in the Shop; a pair of Cyber Punk goggles shown below. This current lack of displayed items is because their goggles are highly sought after and each pair is individually crafted. It would be unfair to potential customers to keep out of stock items on display and these ladies are paragons of business virtue.

Last but certainly not LEAST on the list of things available at the Emporium are the aforementioned "odds and ends". There are purses, picture frames, jewelry boxes, and more available from Captain Benjamina's. Each of these, like every thing else sold in the shop, is handcrafted and one of a kind. Pictured below is a Neo Victorian picture frame.

Whether you possess either a passing inclination or a deeply held love of all things Steampunk, this shop has something for everyone. The jewelry is of exquisite quality and would be a stunning addition to any jewelry box. As a side note, the creative minds and hands of the Emporium are open to and available for custom work. They were the source of the custom jewelry I received as a college graduation gift; a necklace, bracelet, and earrings set. They can be found and fanned at their Facebook Page as well. I hope that you will find something whimsical and elegant to take home with you from the shelves of Captain Benjamina's Salvage Emporium!

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